Protected From Fire by God


If you throw me into the hot furnace, the God I serve can save me. And if he wants to, he can save me from your power. Daniel 3 (ERV)

I had a dream two years ago. In my dream my car that sat in the carport was on fire, deliberately started by someone. I remembered just standing there as the fire grew; I was looking, not saying a word, watching the car burn.
Like most dreams I didn’t give much thought about it until my door bell rung, the same day, and six or seven firefighters stood on my porch. This is the first time I had ever encounter firefighters; they stood there eager and expecting to put out a fire. However, there was no fire to put out. I explained to them I did not call the fire department, in fact I was on the phone when I opened the door. In their minds, they had been called and they needed to find the fire and quickly. Fires are a big deal and getting them put out as quickly as possible is paramount; I understood that. There was one who spoke to me in a harsh voice; he was frustrated because he needed to put this fire out. Sorry Sir, but there is no fire here and I didn’t call the fire department was all I could say.
I have pondered on this dream and the the firefighters visit ever since. Dreams have meaning and I knew mine did too. During a bible study, I took this past summer, I learned that God, in facts, speaks through dreams.
As I was got ready for work this morning, two years later, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego came to my mind. I was reminded of them being thrown inside of the furnace. Oh, there was a fire at my house that day and God showed up in the form of six or seven firefighters to tell me that it won’t consume me nor will I get burned.
Tamela Mann said it so perfectly in “This Place”, “There’s a place in God where we can all be free. A place where God can get the best out of me, there’s a secret place in God where He covers me”. I can say for the first time in a long time I’m in a good place. God has showed me I can trust Him, it’s all up to me now.