Hope, Faith, and Prayer, Indeed

We had been on a spiritual journey of trying to find deeper connection with God through prayer initially incited by the movie The War Room.  Then my sister, Charlene Dior, suggested we start blessing jars (more on blessing jars later).  On January 1, 2016, we committed to placing every blessing in the jar so that we would be more cognizant of how God was indeed blessing us despite still waiting on some very specific prayers to be answered and having experienced a traumatic 2014.

My sister, the creative brain of our little family, suggested after reading an article that we commit 30 days to praying for three people other than ourselves, so we began that journey on March 19th.  Then on April 8th, we received a group text: “This is a crazy idea.  I thought we could start a blog about prayer.”  Little did she know, my mother and I didn’t think it was a crazy idea at all!! There was no convincing needed!

So here we are ?.

For me, I feel I am desperately yearning for something more that I quite honestly can’t  necessarily articulate at this moment, but I have the sense that I cannot obtain “it” without a deeper commitment to God through prayer.

I hope to share my journey as we embark individually and collectively to more faithful prayer lives.  I pray that this endeavor brings hope, faith, and prayer to our readers.


Author: Marlene Dior

Marlene was born in Lexington, Kentucky. Although, raised as a "military brat" thus having grown up in many places, Lexington will always be home (Go Big Blue #BBN ;-) ). She received her Bachelor's of Arts from Georgia State University. She went on to complete her Master's of Education from Texas Southern University here in Houston, Texas. Most recently, God showed favor on Marlene in that she earned her Doctor of Education degree from Texas Southern University. Currently, Marlene serves as an assistant principal for a public, urban school district in the greater Houston area.