Hearing God In Haiti

#CoreLuv #DependtheOrphan
#CoreLuv #DependtheOrphan

I recently went on a mission trip to Haiti. I thought I would share my journal entries from the trip for today’s blog post.

Aug. 13, 2016

It’s crazy how the first idea of doing a mission trip in Haiti came from Lilly Grove but it was Lakewood that brought me here. I’m wondering if God planted that idea in my head years ago for this very moment.

I pray that God helps me to open my heart, close my mind, and release my worries so I can hear from Him and be transformed! I wanted this trip to change me.

I was just talking to my roommates tonight about how it’s easy to look at the Haitians and think how unfortunate they are and how lucky we are to be born in the states…I’m realizing that God loves us all. He has all His children in the palms of His hands. He knows what He’s doing. He’s not comparing us. He’s not setting some of us up to be blessed and others to be cursed. He’s not setting some of us up to succeed and some of us to fail. We’ve defined the parameters of success and being blessed. We’ve compared and separated ourselves. God loves us all, and He shows us all His love in the way we most need.

Aug 14, 2016

“In order to be effective your capacity must expand. Your purpose is never achieved. It is discovered and then nurtured.” (From morning devotion)

This morning’s devotion was Acts, I think Chapter 19. I have to look it up later. The lights are not on in here. I can’t even see to write this. It was about Saul. God told him to reach out to someone if I’m remembering correctly. But he didn’t want to. It just speaks to me with all the things I don’t move forward on. Last night, I thought to pray with the girls I shared a room with before bed but I didn’t say anything….I often have things on my heart that I don’t act on. Lack of confidence and fear mostly. Sometimes unforgiveness. We don’t know the opportunities we miss out on by not following God’s instruction for whatever reason. I definitely need to grow in this area.

Aug 15, 2016

Today at the orphanage I spent time with a young girl in a wheelchair (Cassandra). I was amazed at her personality. She told me she wanted to go get on the swing. Then she told me to take her over there. Then push her. Lol. I’m not that assertive about what I want! It was amazing that she’s perfect. I guess I was expecting her to be not present mentally but was. She was fully aware and fully present. I pray for all those kids. In America, we think about what we want to be when we grow up and what our potential is. I don’t think those are their thoughts. So I pray for their future. Whatever God’s plan and vision is for their lives, I pray that it is fulfilled. I pray for their purpose in the kingdom of God to be fulfilled and brought forth. I pray for their health and their hearts. I pray that God blesses them with more joy and happiness and more helping hands.

Aug. 16, 2016

I forgot to mention that yesterday we went to a woman’s house who used to be a witch doctor. It’s how she made a living. She was converted (saved). She accepted Jesus as her Savior. Now she has another business. It just goes to show that God will replace the sinful thing you are holding on to with something better. Your needs will be taken care of.

It’s our last night in Haiti…I’m thankful for the experience. I’m thankful for Jami and Jeanny and Sandra. It’s an honor watching their walk with God. Tonight they prayed for us one on one. It’s amazing what this experience has been. I got to watch intimate relationships with God up close and personal. I got to love on kids and experience their love and joy. I saw them as people. God’s beloved children.

I pray that my sister would have an opportunity to go on a mission trip. I pray that God opens up the right doors for her. I pray the same for my mom if she’s interested. I pray it for my brother. He’s a helper (like me).


As I think of my experience in Haiti I’m reminded of the opening lines of Good, Good Father:

♬ ♪ Oh, I’ve heard a thousand stories
Of what they think You’re like
But I’ve heard the tender whisper
Of love in the dead of night ♬ ♪

I feel like I heard God for myself in Haiti. I’m forever closer to Him. I’m forever changed. I pray God pulls me closer and I pray the same for you.

Author: Charlene Dior

Charlene Dior is a certified life coach based in Houston, TX.