Take off That Mask

Take Off That Mask

Over the Christmas break, I notice one of my co-workers wasn’t posting on Facebook as usual. When we returned to work, I asked her if she was still on Facebook, she said, “I decided to take a break.”
A week or two later I noticed, I had a contact that I didn’t recognize. I really didn’t give much thought because people change their names all the time. However, one day this person posted an article that I thought was interesting. After reading the article, I went down the timeline. I immediately noticed a picture of the co-worker who had told me that she was taking a break from Facebook. She did take a break, a break from using her name instead using an unrecognizable name that she made up.
Now, I don’t know why she changed her Facebook name, but it made me think about why we as a people (particularly people of our God who is all, sees all, and knows all.  God will help us to rid ourselves of the distractors and feelings that make us feel the need to don these masks.) sometimes feel the need to wear masks.  Many times we put on a mask to hide from others.  I believe, however, that we are actually hiding from ourselves.
We may wear a mask for various reasons. One such reason is that we’ve been hurt. We don’t realize that we have on this mask; it’s our comfort blanket. We keep the world at an arm’s length distance as to say: stay out of my world and don’t come near me.
Psalm 139:14 tells us to praise God because He made us in a wonderful way. I know how amazing that was! (ERV). Other translations say we are fearfully and wonderfully made.
If we truly believe God’s word then we have no need to wear a mask. God said He made us is in such a wonderful way. The Greek word for wonderful is thaumastós , which means marvelous, describing an awe-evoking sight (dramatic sense of wonder), moving the beholder to their deepest emotions.
He also said we are made in His image, His son’s image, and the Holy Spirit’s image. How awesome is that?!
We are wonderful people created by a holy and righteous God who loves and adores us.
Leave the hurts, disappointments, failures, failed relationships where they belong: in the past.
Ditch the mask and allow the world so see the person God created you to be. Hold on to what God’s says about us. God took time out to create us in a marvelous, dramatic way with a sense of wonder. We are an awe evoking sight to look at.